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On the occasion of Edith Piaf’s centennial, Rioult Dance New York has innovatively staged a celebration of the little sparrow’s music. Though her life is sketched with a poor script, glorious vocals by singer/actress Christine Andreas, imaginative choreography by Pascal Rioult and a company of skilled, young dancers offer buoyant entertainment.

Our audience sits at tables on three sides of a T formed by extending a runway out from  the raised stage. That dance takes place on this narrow platform while maintaining grace, originality, and visibility to both sides is an accomplishment. Andreas performs for the most part from the stage itself accompanied by a small band. Evocative lights scallop from the ceiling as if at a summer festival. Songs are in French with occasional English verses.

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Street Singer Review

Review in The Epoch Times by Barry Bassis
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Christine-Andreas-and-the-RIOULT-dancers-in-Street-Singer-photo-by-Paul-B.-Goode-676x450[photo: Paul B. Goode]

When you think of French popular music, the first name that comes to mind is Edith Piaf (1915-1963). “The Little Sparrow,” as she was called, is celebrated in RIOULT Dance NY’s world premiere of “STREET SINGER–Celebrating the Life of Edith Piaf.”

Choreographer Pascal Rioult has created and appears in a unique dance/theater piece. Broadway veteran Christine Andreas appears as Piaf, singing her songs (mostly in the original French, but sometimes adding the English versions) and portraying her with a French accent.

Wearing a copy of Piaf’s trademark black dress, she is magnificent. The performance would be worth attending just to enjoy her singing. However, there is much more.

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